Tuesday, September 25, 2018

NASA Championships Recap

Did you follow CTS-V Racing at the NASA Championships September 13-16th?   No?  Well here's the recap of the Patriot Missile on track at Circuit of the Americas.

Friday, September 13th, the Patriot Missile took to the track at 2:30CST for ST2 Qualifying round.  The Patriot Missile placed 12th in class and 28th (out of 42) in Group B, which included SU, NP01, ST1, ST2 and AIX.

On Saturday, September 14th the Patriot Missile was the only car in its class on track with rain shoes on making the downpour no obstacle and allowing driver, Alan Cohen to take 1st place in class (best time 3:45.240), and 4th place (out of 49) in Group B.

The rain cleared Sunday morning and the Patriot Missile had its Hoosier road racing tires back on for the final championship race.  Driver, Alan Cohen placed 9th in class (best time 2:29.838) and 21st (out of 47) in Group B.

Overall, the Patriot Missile performed extremely well against some fierce competition.  Driver, Alan Cohen looks forward to bringing the Patriot Missile back for the 2019 NASA Championships and racing locally on the East Coast.

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