Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend ReCap at Lime Rock (Aug 23-24, 2013)

CTS-V Racing visited Lime Rock Park this past weekend.  Alan instructed with NASA on Friday, August 23rd in a HyperDrive Event.  

Saturday, August 24th was yet another victory for the Patriot Missile setting another record for itself (1:00.99) and taking 1st Place!

As always, a huge thanks to Hoosier, Porterfield brakes, D3, Rudtner's Racing and Race Keeper.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ReCap: NASA at NJMP Lightning (Aug 3-4)

Back to New Jersey Motorsports Park with NASA and Time Trials on the Lightning Track.

The Patriot Missile has been beating its own track time from the 2012 season at almost every event.

his weekend was no different.  Alan slashed a full 3.5 seconds off his best time from last year with his best time of 1:11.9.

He placed 1st in class and 2nd overall in the Time Trials group.